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Amy Walgamott

Shoreline, WA

I am a local artist who has taken a life-long hobby - drawing and painting - and started selling furniture and home decor items that I have refinished and hand-painted with designs ranging from fairy tales to nature. I find suitable pieces at thrift stores, sand them down, and consider each piece before I decide what it will become. A lot of inspiration comes from books and nature. I would describe my style as leaning towards art nouveau/art deco and the whimsical. Many pieces depict elements from nature, stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Japanese art, and geometry. I use acrylic paints, and finish items with polycrylic for durability. Each piece is unique and functional art: Yes, it can be used!

When I am not working on inventory for Singularly, I am usually painting on canvas or drawing on paper, or maybe scrapbooking or crafting some Christmas decorations. I like to always stay busy, and art is such a wonderful outlet. I am also a mother of two boys and work part-time in a cancer treatment center in Seattle, WA. My husband and I have lived in Shoreline for 12 years.

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Image by Annie Spratt

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