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The Shoreline Short Short Film Festival aims to support emerging and developing filmmakers in Washington State and encourage appreciation for the art of filmmaking in our community. 

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Entries were judged in 2020 by an esteemed jury of local filmmakers and advocates, including Tony Doupe, SAG/AFTRA Actor and Shoreline Community College Film Department Professor, Vivian Hua, Executive Director at the Northwest Film Forum, Amy Lillard, Executive Director at Washington FilmWorks, and Zubi Mohammed, Supervising Producer at Magnussen Media Group. Accepted films were screened during the single night festival on Saturday, February 8th in the state-of-the-art Shoreline Community College Theater and the best of the best took home some cash prizes and a handmade Golden Sasquatch! ALL FILMS WERE UNRATED.

2020 People's Choice Winner

HALO written and directed by Jeff Schick


Witches Get Stitches by Matt Robinson

- Comedy

A coven of ancient witches begin to conjure a demon with a blood sacrifice... "But cutting myself HURRRRRTS! NO!"

Second Shot by Anthony Marzano

- General Category

A disgraced police officer seeking reprieve in the bottom of a bottle faces a stickup kid heading down the wrong path.

The Spirit in the Woods by Thomas Hemmen

- Student Film

A backpacker encounters a spirit in the woods beyond his understanding.

Black Champagne by Jeremiah Williams

- Music Video

A coven of ancient witches begin to conjure a demon with a blood sacrifice... "But cutting myself HURRRRRTS! NO!"

Now It's Time To Rock by Melani Lyons, Aaron Samuels, and Lionel Flynn

- Music Video

We shot this music video to promote our new musical "Summer School Rocks!" which premiered at Shoreline Community College Theater in 2019. "Now It's Time to Rock" is one of the songs from the musical. In this scene, the students have just discovered that their summer school teacher is a former rock star, and they take action to make their summer school experience much more interesting. Shot on location at Shoreline Community College.

Blind Spot by Kira Sipler and T.K. Johnson

- General Category

In midst a toxic relationship, Sara is tested when she has a different way of handling a deadly accident than her boyfriend, Brandon. A story of love, loss, and making the right choice even if it means losing everything.

Halo by Jeff Schick

- General Category

Transported into a life-like reality, an old man interacts with the last remaining memories of someone important from his past. Set in the not-so-distant future, HALO provides a glimpse into a world of possibilities around humanity’s advancements in neuroscience.

Weasel by Tyler Roberts

- Comedy

Two girls stand up to a man who is "air groping" them at a bar.

Cuddle by John Helde and Constanze Villine

- Comedy

CUDDLE is the story of Dina Razzano, a one-time actress who comes home to Seattle to reinvent herself. But starting over isn’t easy, especially when you’re the pioneer of a very new healing practice: cuddle therapy. At its core, CUDDLE is about one woman’s attempt to mend her life and find purpose - in the most unlikely way.

South of Sound by Chris J. Cunningham and Lemolo

- Music Video

Music video for the band - Lemolo. A strange game of musical chairs.

A Dreamer's Melody by Kendra Ann Sherrill

- General Category

A trip to the movie theater sparks a passion for a young girl and her shoes.

Zealot by Kendall Yoder and Jack E.K. Collier

- Student Film

Solomon tries to appease his God, and is willing to go to whatever extent in order to do so. Shot as a modern black and white silent film.

Lactose Intolerant by James Brammer, Ruby Chisham, and Zac Pie

- Student Film

A young girl experiences a rift in her normal routine causing her to find a cryptic note, pushing her curiosity and propelling her into a series of peculiar events.

Funny and Fearless by Amin Lakhani by Deborah Tahara

- General Category

Get to know comedian Amin Lakhani, who finds comfort in dark humor and the Seattle comedy community to help him overcome challenges in living with muscular dystrophy.

Violin Tsunami by Michael McCoy, Julia McCoy, and Kishi Bashi

- Music Video

This animated, hand-painted watercolor video for Kishi Bashi’s “Violin Tsunami” is an artistic depiction of the importance of learning from the past to make a better future. The album “Omoiyari” is a reflection on the current political atmosphere in the U.S. through the lens of the Japanese-American interment of WWII.

Most Steps Ever by Nesib CB Shamah and James Allen Smith

- General Category

Out on a hike, a woman finds herself participating in an unexpected workout routine.



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