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For Teens and Culturally Diverse Populations.

Up to a $300 grant to pay for a teacher or presenter, supplies, room and more.


Projects may be one time or an on-going project in such areas as: painting, drawing, clay, photography, sewing, quilting, knitting/crocheting, singing, dancing, acting/drama, music, writing, cooking, traditional craft, neighborhood or group art project, or other artistic mediums.


Any person who wants to do hands-on arts or creative activities and considers themselves a teen and/or culturally diverse. The Arts Council believes in equity, values people from all backgrounds, and encourages active participation. Whether diversity is within the realm of ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, social class, faith, religion, educational background, family status, income, areas of origin, etc., this list Is limitless and with an overarching theme of tolerance and respect.


The activity must be free to participants. Participants should be teens and/or culturally diverse populations and include at least 5 people. Examples: If you are a Teacher or Presenter… you have a skill to share or know someone you want to learn from. If you are a Creator… you and your friends want to try something new, and learn to do it together.


Not sure where to start? The Arts Council is happy to answer your questions, help you find a teacher, and help you apply to this grant.


To encourage hands-on learning and building community through the arts.


Anywhere in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. Your project should take place in an accessible neighborhood venue, such as a church, school, community center, or within an after-school program etc.

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Checklist for Submission

Complete application form!

If you are awarded a grant, a Project Summary & Photo(s) should be shared with the Arts Council within 2-weeks after the project ends. The summary should be about 50 words describing what you did and how the grant helped you.

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For questions and submission of application, contact:

Silvia Romero, Arts Education Manager



Use school district inter-office mail or deliver to:

Shoreline Center, Arts Council Office

18560 First Avenue N.E.


WA  98155

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