What Kids Say…


Here’s what the kids at Brookside Elementary had to say about their American Folk/Square Dance project with Laurie Bell, Teacher & Gary Reed, Artist











“Some of the dances were challenging and some easy, but all were fun and I had a smile on my face the whole time.” – Jake

“I learned how to face my fears when I dance in front of people and learned cool new dances.” – Ava

“I got braver when I danced.” – Jack

“I learned to dance and that dancing with boys is not that bad.” – Pearl

“The best part for me was dancing in front of my family. I gained confidence so now I probably can do more things in front of people.” – Mahlia

What will you be able to use in the future? “To dance in front of people without getting nervous.” – Kaila

“In the future I can use confidence” – Shaely

“I learned how to dance George Washington’s favorite dance.” – Sunny