Shoreline Short Short Film Festival

Interested in submitting your short film to the 2020 Shoreline Short Short Film Festival? You should be! 

The submission process will open November 1st, 2019 on, all filmmakers must be working and/or living in the state of Washington in order to be eligible for this festival. Sorry to all other states!

Submission Opening: November 1, 2019

Submission Deadline: December 22, 2019

Notification: January 9, 2020

Event Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020

Questions? Feel free to email Kevin at or give our office a call at 206.417.4645, we are open Mon-Thu 10am-5pm. 

Interested in Sponsorship Opportunities? 

The Shoreline Short Short Film Festival supports emerging and developing filmmakers from Washington State and encourages appreciation for the art of filmmaking in our community. Be there at the beginning of these young careers, and create brand loyalty from the start. 2020 Film Festival Sponsorship Packet. Email if you are interested or have questions! 

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2019 Event Information Below

2019 Best Picture Winners for "(In Here) I Am God

Thank you all so much for coming to the 3rd Annual Shoreline Short Short Film Festival! It was so inspiring seeing all of these wonderful films and filmmakers in the same room with such a supportive community. We look forward to another successful show next year! 

This event was held on April 6, 2019, at the Shoreline Community College Theater.

Entries will be judged by an esteemed jury of local filmmakers and advocates, including Tony Doupe, SAG/AFTRA Actor and Shoreline Community College Film Department Professor, Vivian Hua, Executive Director at the Northwest Film Forum, & Award-winning producer and founder of Indie Movie Mastery, Jenna Edwards. Accepted films will be screened during the single night festival on Saturday, April 6th in the state-of-the-art Shoreline Community College Theater and the best of the best will take home some prizes and awards!

Best Picture– $500
Best Comedy – $250
Best Music Video – $250
Best Student Film – $250
Viewer’s Choice –  $250

This event is presented with support from Shoreline Community College, the City of Shoreline, City of Lake Forest Park, 4Culture, and individual donations from people like you.

Schedule | First Half

6PM | Doors Open

7PM | Show Begins

  1. Densha by Jack Collier
  2. Doubts by Zach Boone, Liam Bonds, Ethan Hawthorn-Dallas
  3. Improv 101 by Deborah Tahara
  4. Unknown Light by T.K. Johnson
  5. We Shall Not Be Moved by Tae Johnson, Lara Lavi Jones, Wayne Rutledge, & Maurice Jones Jr.
  6. Jap by Long Tran, Seth Jans, & Andy McIntyre 
  7. Fat Boy by Bruce H. Bosley & Cody Jordan

8PM | Intermission 

Schedule | Second Half

8:20PM | End of Intermission

  1. Wound by Trey Tice - Mature Content
  2. Quarters by Gabrielle Grimm
  3. Thursdays by Vivienne Shaw
  4. (in here) I Am God  by Nima Forghani, Byron C. Miller, & Joseph Seuferling - Mature Content
  5. Manny by JC Campos
  6. Different Windows by Norman Tumolva & Smokey Brights
  7. Wilson's New Laugh by Ty Minton-Small

9:10PM | Q & A with Filmmakers (We will collect People's Choice Ballots at this time)

9:25PM | Awards Ceremony 

9:40PM | FIN


Densha by Jack Collier 

Winner | Surprised by Shoreline Award

An avant-garde silent documentary about Tony as he works tirelessly in the night to complete his hobby. (All Japanese is left intentionally untranslated)

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Wound by Trey Tice

Recovering alcoholic Adelaide uses a mysterious pocket watch to travel back in time, hoping to change a tragic moment in her past. But once she gets there, she finds it hard to control so she must repeat the process. As she does, we and Adelaide, come to learn how she was the cause of her own worst wounds. There's still time for Adelaide to learn to live with herself, even if it's only one day at a time.

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Doubts by Zach Boone, Liam Bonds, & Ethan Hawthorn-Dallas - 

Winner | Best Student Film

Doubts is the story of a young man overcoming a great obstacle. It brings up themes of parenting and how your words can greatly affect others.

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Quarters by Gabrielle Grimm

Sometimes it's easy to pick on our younger siblings. But it doesn't always pay off. 

Improv 101 by Deborah Tahara

On the first day of improv class, how will instructor Jesse take on a group of feisty misfits who have their own ideas about improv?

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Thursdays by Vivienne Shaw

A college student discovers a chance encounter with her ex isn’t exactly a coincidence.

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Unknown Light by T.K. Johnson

Days after returning from an interstellar research mission, June is sure something terrible has followed her home. She attempts to warn her sister, but the ever-adventurous Jackie needs to know more.

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(in here) I Am God by Nima Forghani, Byron C. Miller, & Joseph Seuferling 

Winner | Best Picture

In a remote war bunker, a ruthless general exerts his will on a dedicated woman and an ambitious soldier. 
This beautiful, devastating drama was inspired by writer, producer Nima Forghani's experience growing up in 1980’s Iran; a country shattered by the Islamic revolution and war with Iraq.

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We Shall Not Be Moved by Tae Phoenix, Lara Lavi Jones, Wayne Rutledge, & Maurice Jones Jr. 

Winner | Best Music Video

 WSinger / songwriter Tae Phoenix has adapted the classic civil rights song, "We Shall Not Be Moved" with producer Maurice Jones Jr. and vocal director Josephine Howell. The video reminds us of what is at stake in our current political climate.

Manny by JC Campos

A man begins to struggle with depression once he is unable to carry out his family's tradition of planting potatoes, and reaches out to his imprisoned daughter in search of comfort.

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9066 (Jap) by Long Tran

A narrative that reexamines the Japanese Internment and frames this known history into a modern-day context as it pertains to interracial relationships and Asian masculinity.

Different Windows by Smokey Brights & Norman Tumolva

Seattle rock and roll band Smokey Bright's official music video for their newest single, Different Windows, is a trippy dance homage to early MTV music videos. Take one groovy dance track, add a late summer mega sale on costumes at Costume and Display, and put it all on a green screen soundstage and you've got a music video.

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Fat Boy by Bruce H. Bosley & Cody Jordan 

Winner | People's Choice Award

 Gerald is a "fitness addict," determined to live a life without exercise and healthy eating, but his past makes his road to recovery a long and agonizing quest.

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Wilson's New Laugh by Ty Minton-Small 

Winner | Best Comedy

With the help of his friends, Wilson embarks on an emotional journey to find the perfect laugh. 

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