Artists in Schools

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our 2016-2017 Artists in Schools grants

Awards given to support Pre-K through 12th grade projects in the Shoreline School District. These projects feature professional artists working with students and teachers and take place during the academic year with most being scheduled for late winter and spring.

Artists in Schools has been providing arts education throughout the district since 1993. A majority of the funding for this project is made possible through the Arts Council’s annual Gala for the Arts, with additional support from our partner, the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation, as well as government and foundation grants, and the community.

This year the Arts Council has funded $18,000 in Artists in Schools grants with 20 projects reaching thousands of students in 11 schools and programs.

2016-2017 Artists in Schools Grant Recipients

Shoreline Children’s Center

Shadow Dancing – Pam Wright, Teacher and Karen Harp-Reed, Artist ($310)

Brookside Elementary

Habitat – Kristin Vincini, Lead Teacher and Ruth McRee, Artist ($310)

Cascade K-8 Community School

A Pack of Wonderful Nocturnal Creatures: Wolves Expressed in Clay – Fergus Temporada, Teacher and Amaranta Ibarra, Artist ($680)

 Highland Terrace Elementary

Art Across the Curriculum – Michael Wellman, Teacher and Nataliya Zigelboym, Artist ($476)

The Art of Experiencing the Past by Writing Historical Fiction – Paige Phillips, Lead Teacher and Christine Pinto, Artist ($405)

From Realism to Abstraction – Brittany Wright, Teacher and Crystal Cissell-Anderson, Artist ($248)

Meridian Park Elementary

Every Picture Tells a Story – Jenny Hillger, Lead Teacher and Ben Clanton, Artist ($750)

Learning about Respect and Self-Management through the Arts – Kayla Reed, Lead Teacher and Karen Harp-Reed, Artist ($310)

No Boundaries – Jean Phelan, Lead Teacher and Alan King, Artist ($700)

Parkwood Elementary

Shakespeare in the Classroom – Megan Chamberlin, Lead Teacher and Samara Lerman, Artist ($350)

Spring into Dance – Dustin Cole, Lead Teacher and Terry Goetz, Artist ($1,155)

Ridgecrest Elementary

Explore Cuba – Andrea Early, Teacher and Laura Dean, Artist ($1,426)

 Syre Elementary

Creative Courtyard– Jenny Hodgen, Lead Teacher and Mike O’Day, Artist ($2,290)

Einstein Middle School

Einstein Percussion Enrichment – Mariko Lane, Teacher and Don Dieterich and Britt Dahlgren, Artists ($1,020)

STYLE – Emily Maschman, Lead Teacher and Artists from Bushwick Northwest ($750)

Shorecrest High School

Rhythms of Cuba – Siri Hulbert, Teacher and Laura Dean, Artist ($158)

The Artist and Social Responsibility – Laura King, Lead Teacher and Randy Williams, Artist ($1,054)

 Multiple Schools:

Highland Terrace Elementary and Shoreline Children’s Center

Music and Social Skills for Students with Special Needs – Karen Hogan, Lead Teacher and Wendy Zieve, Artist ($1,000)

Einstein Middle School and Shorecrest High School

Old Masters Drawing and Painting Techniques – Craig van den Bosch, Lead Teacher and Mandy Hallenius, Artist ($1,530)

Lake Forest Park Elementary and Shorecrest High School

Student Educator Program – Jeanette Derry, Lead Teacher and Halinka Wodzicki, Art History Instructor ($3,000)


The grant deadline for the 2016-2017 school year has past. Look for updated information on this webpage later this spring for the 2017-2018 grant cycle. The grant application and guidelines, as well as our Art Directory are listed below for reference.

We partner with the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation to offer one application. We recommend applying to both agencies to increase your chances of receiving adequate funding.  

Joint Grant Application.16-17

Budget Worksheet.16-17

THE ART DIRECTORY: includes our Roster of Artists & sample Art Project Menu Pages

for project ideas: theartdirectory-16-17

Our Guidelines: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About our Grant Program

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council’s Artists in Schools (AiS) program provides expanded arts learning opportunities for students and teachers in the Shoreline Public School District. This program places professional teaching artists in all art forms at schools for curriculum-based residencies. Professional teaching artists bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to teach students, mentor classroom teachers, and provide workshops. The Arts Council seeks to encourage, foster, and promote all of the arts to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Program Goal: To enhance the level of arts learning and offer experiences beyond the capabilities of the basic education program by providing students and teachers with the opportunity to work with and learn from professional teaching artists

Awards: Up to $20,000 overall is available for the program (dependent on the current year budget), allowing approximately 20-25 projects to be funded. The funding range is typically $300-$1,200 (8-30 hours) for artist fees which include class time and planning time. The suggested pay rate for artists is $50 per hour for student contact time and $20 per hour for project prep time. We recommend you have a targeted discussion with your partnering artist(s) to determine a realistic budget and compensation for the artist’s time. Funds for materials may also be available.

Important Dates

Application Process Opens: tba

Applications Due: tba

Notification: tba

Project Funding Period: December 2017 through June 2018

Confirming Your Project: no later than December 15, 2017

If accepted, you must provide the following: (1) dates & times that the artist will be in your classroom, (2) an invitation to the culminating event (if applicable).

Documentation: within two weeks of project completion, submit project evaluation form and student reflection sheets provided by the Arts Council and share 5-10 digital photos.

AiS Frequently Asked Questions

AiS Application Checklist

Past Recipients

If you are considering applying to both the Arts Council and Schools Foundation, please continue reading our guidelines and review the Foundation’s guidelines as well:

2016 Shoreline Public Schools Foundation Guidelines: 2016 SPSF CR Guidelines

The Arts Council’s Project Expectations:

  • Planning with artist (& students, if applicable) (artist MUST be included in the project design phase)
  • Provision of appropriate space
  • Implementation (teacher must remain in the classroom with the artist at all times)
  • Sharing with the community
  • Evaluation & Documentation (required: 5-10 digital photos; optional: display board or student projects)

The Arts Council’s Criteria/Funding Considerations:

  • Artistic excellence in any art form: visual, drama, dance, music, literary, media
  • Well planned project design in collaboration with the artist
  • Student learning: arts vocabulary, skills, production, knowledge, history
  • Integration with another curricular area
  • Number of students impacted (class or grade level is often preferred to whole school for quality time with artist)
  • Third year of same request is unlikely to be funded.
  • Realistic budget with correct numbers and clarity of which source is being asked for funding
  • What We Do Not Fund: fieldtrip admission fees, meals or snacks, assemblies, teacher professional development or equipment purchases


  • Please use the Excel document called “Budget Worksheet: 16-17” included with this year’s application for putting together your project’s budget, regardless of whether you are applying to one or both agencies.
  • The suggested pay rate for artists is $50 per hour for student contact time and $20 per hour for project prep time. Projects typically include 5-20 hours of student contact time and planning/set-up time based on the length of the residency. For help in calculating the total artist hours of class and planning time, contact the Arts Education Manager at
  • Funds for materials fees may also be requested. Visual art materials may also be funded through your school, PTA/PTSA, or the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation, allowing us to stretch our dollars to provide artistic opportunities for a greater number of people. We encourage you to seek multiple funding sources.
  • Income must equal expenses – this is not a fundraising project.
  • The Arts Council will contract directly with the artists.

A Final Word…Acknowledgement of Granting Organization

If you receive funding from us, we will ask for:

  • Acknowledgement of the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council funding, (e.g., any publicity, school bulletins, invitations, displays, videos, announcements, etc.) using wording such as:

“This project is made possible with funding from the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council.”

  • An invitation to the Arts Council for your culminating activity (if applicable) is required.

For questions, please contact Kelly Lie, Arts Education Manager, Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council, or 206-417-4645.