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Gallery Exhibit: Naoko Morisawa, Lisa Sheets, Kim Leo, and Brandi Young, Through August 8

August 8 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

| Free

The Gallery at Town Center is exhibiting a selection of works by Wood Mosaic Artist Naoko Morisawa, Collage Artist Lisa Sheets, Acrylic/Resin Artist Kimberly Leo, and Mixed Media Artist Brandi Young. See these works and the creations of over 90 other local artists during gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, Noon to 5pm. On display through August 8, 2020. 

Naoko Morisawa | naokomorisawa.com


Wood is an important component in my art. The life of a tree and the energy in each grain of wood are why I use wood.My artwork is hand-made of thousands of very small slices of natural and oil-dyed (wood) chips on board. I like to incorporate the patterns in the wood and enhance them with oil-stain. The variety of wood grain is very beautiful and the pattern is never the same. The combinations of natural and oil-stained grains create interesting shadows and impressions.

I make art that is natural, playful and lifts people’s spirits. But I also want my artwork to be about myself, like a diary. Each piece is created with the care one would use writing a letter to a loved one or friend. Bright, fun, and unusual subjects attract and inspire me to work in new directions. Mysterious creatures/objects such as magic mushroom and jellyfish, gravity, Illusions and Waves are recurring themes in my work. My work have been featured in Studio Visit Magazine, London Art Habens Contemporary Art Review, several other international publications printed in Seattle, Tieton, Denver, Omaha, Boston, Tokyo, London, Dublin, Athens and New York.

When seen from a distance, my artwork looks like a painting. The details of the work and mosaic technique slowly emerge when the viewer comes closer. Look closely and see the vibrancy and movements of the wood patterns. By using wood mosaic I can show the life and energy. I can talk about life and the energetic atoms inside my work with my tiny wood slices.

My artwork was selected for the permanent collection by City of Seattle, Shoreline and Kent in WA State USA. CBS Seattle News named Naoko Morisawa Studio as one of Best 5 Seattle local Artists recently.  I am currently developing a new body of work using other materials such as paper, cardboard etc in addition to wood mosaic art-form.

Kimberly Leo | kjleodesigns.com


I am a resin artist inspired by crystals, the moon, ebb and flow, relationships, and the cycle of life. I am drawn to clean, vibrant color and biomorphic shapes. My work allows me to live in the moment. When I am creating I feel complete. When I am not creating I’m dreaming about my future pieces. Crafting each piece is very cathartic with lessons learned along the way and ideas sparked for future work.

Everything about working with resin intrigues me. There is a need for precise measurement when mixing the resin and a limited application time involved with each piece. Before each painting I sketch out the shape and choose all materials and pigments. There is a certain stress because of  the minimal work time before the resin begins to set. But this stress leads to a hopeful anticipation and excitement to see how the resin takes shape and flows on it’s own before settling down and curing. Resin does what it does and that may be why I am so obsessed. Even the most well thought out plans change, as the resin does it’s “resin thing”. It is because of this that I love working with this magical medium. The unpredictability mirrors life but it all works out in the end. I also love the freedom to experiment with color, line, crystal, stone, glass, gold-leaf, glitter, and basically anything I choose to mix into the sticky medium. The final result, a shiny, sparkly, treasure to the eye.


Kimberly Leo is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and has been living in Greater Seattle since 2000. She has a degree in Fine Arts from LSU. Kimberly has a long history with oil painting and abstract landscapes but has recently become obsessed with working with resin and mixed medium. Her art is inspired by natural shapes, crystals, the moon, ebb and flow, friendship, and the cycle of life.

Lisa Sheets 


My background is in music, art and psychology.  I earned a BA in Psychology and Art (sculpture and printmaking emphasis) with a minor in Music (flute)  from Western Illinois University.  Following that I completed an MFA in cast metal sculpture at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

In the 1990s I owned Smart Art Studio/Gallery in Pioneer Square, and in 2000 I created an art resource for workshops and art studio rentals called Artspawn Studios in Woodinville WA. Since then I have worked in collage, book arts, and printmaking.  I have recently completed 5 years of education and training to become a certified American Sign Language interpreter.

My sculptures are in the collections of the City of Kirkland, City of Redmond, and the City of Mountlake Terrace.   My collages are in the collections of the State of Washington, University of Washington Medical Center , University of Washington Book Arts Collection, the Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection,  and the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC.


Lisa Sheets' mixed media collages explore history, gender roles, and cultural norms, and how these things impact our lives.  Sheets uses combinations of religious and historical iconography along with pop culture images to stress the sacred in our modern day lives.  She emphasizes the constantly shifting and changing roles that shape us, and examines how we unravel those roles through history.

Using a combination of found/recycled materials such as S&H green stamps and sewing patterns, along with digital copies of vintage photos gleaned from advertising, family albums, and historical databases, Sheets creates a lens to examine a glimpse back to our history and reflect on its influence on our present. She often uses repetition and digital manipulation of source images to emphasize key imagery and create symmetrical compositions.

Brandi Young | brandiyoungart.com


Brandi is a Shoreline artist, originally from Austin, Texas. For the past few years, Brandi has focused her work on acrylic and collage techniques. She loves taking subjects like cars or buildings and creating a fun contrast of texture and design.

Brandi has a degree in Fine Art from Stephen F. Austin State University. She has worked in photo transfer, colored pencil, acrylic, collage, jewelry making, and anything else that strikes her fancy.


Like a lot of people, I have loved cars for the better part of my life. I love the design, the feel of the drive, and how they capture the era in which they were built. With these pieces I focus my work with acrylic and collage techniques on this lifelong interest in classic cars. This body of work blends the lines of vintage automobiles with the organic nature of collage, creating the perfect contrast of texture, design, and color.

I use hundreds of of tiny pieces of paper to create the light, shadow, and shape of each car's curves and lines. I hope that the viewer has the same warm fun memories evoked that I do when I look at the finished product.


August 8
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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