Youth & Adult Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2016 Shoreline Arts Festival award winners!

Youth Categories

The juror for Youth Art this year was Shane Montgomery, and awards were giving in 4 grade level categories:

1st Place 3D – Gillian Gogna – Birds of a Feather
1st Place 2D – Tavin Ode – Still Life: Plants
2nd Place 3D – Annika Barton – Moth
2nd Place 2D – Linzhi Chan – Cacti Sunset
3rd Place 3D – Noelle Menzie – Aqua the Octopus
3rd Place 2D – Gillian Gogna – Stellar Jay
Honorable Mention 3D – Tom Dinell – Grassy Snake
Honorable Mention 2D – Edison Ortiz Saunders – Red-eye Snail
Honorable Mention 2D – Semra Aemmer – Sunny Bug
Honorable Mention 2D – Greta Miller – Life in Space
Honorable Mention 2D – Evelyn Wu – Cinderella’s Wedding

1st Place 3D – Ella Klassen – The Ice Cream Cone
1st Place 2D – Jake Phillips – Leaves
2nd Place 3D – Miranda Thompson – Summer Bookends
2nd Place 2D – Lily Fredericks – Happy Days
3rd Place 3D – Lydia Chin – Spring Cherry Blossoms
3rd Place 2D – Charlotte Eaves – Flamingo
Honorable Mention 3D –Emma Jacobs – Love Shine Shine
Honorable Mention 2D – Peter Ingalsbe – Sunset
Honorable Mention 2D – Evan Claar – Mantis Shrimp
Honorable Mention 2D – Victoria Gao – Lucky Stars

1st Place 3D – Ellie Cetina – Flat Furry Fox
1st Place 2D – Rhiannon – Cantrell – Untitled
2nd Place 3D – Angelina Michalsky – Pigtails
2nd Place 2D – Kathie Wu – Can you find the Caterpiller?
3rd Place 3D – Madeleine Eaves – Tree Weaving
3rd Place 2D – Natalie Ositis – Being Through Color
Honorable Mention 3D – Alexander Eckhardt – Octopus
Honorable Mention 3D – Alex Taylor – Frederick
Honorable Mention 2D – Jordison Muzzy – Out of Contact
Honorable Mention 2D – Fred Liu – Twinkle of Dawn
Honorable Mention 2D – Isaac VonHeeder – 12 Spotted Skimmer Dragonfly

1st Place 3D – Beatrice Knowles – Fall Leaves
1st Placce 2D – Melvina Fletcher – Landscape Pointilism
2nd Place 3D – Alexander Dietrich – Sealed
2nd Place 2D – Kendall Yoder – Within the Woodwork
3rd Place 3D – Tharis Sutanthavibul – Red Vessel with Flowers
3rd Place 2D – Zoya Dwyer – Lighting Up the World
Honorable Mention 3D –Kyle Gugger – Flame
Honorable Mention 3D – Martin Dang – Huyen Long Dragon
Honorable Mention 2D –Emily DiGianni – My Quiet Corner
Honorable Mention 2D – Patrick Cunningham – Track Star in Action
Honorable Mention 2D – Alexander Lewis – Alien Skyline
Honorable Mention 2D – Megan Linnabary – Winter Wonderland

People’s Choice Award – Evan Claar – Hedgehog
Service Award – Mindy Wan
Service Award – Sue Ellen Zhang

These 17 youth artists will have their submitted art work featured in color in the 2016-17 Shoreline School District Calendar which is sent to every family in the District. Calendar awards were selected by School District Public Information Officer, Curtis Campbell, and a jury of art teachers.

Kira Burt – The Pear
Anna Chang – Unraveling Stripes
Linnea Claar – Raven
Oli Dalan – Sushi
Ava Drummond – Warm Heart
Isabella Frain – Sleeping Tree
Sophia Gao – Hello, World!
Kyle Gugger – Flame
Penelope Guy – Indigo Tempest
Reina Hattori – No Return
Jacob Ingalsbe – The Wise Fox
Fred Liu – Winter’s Starry Nights
Shaiyera Madere – Cat Under a Rainbow
Lenora Menzie – Thoughtful Rooster
Tiffany Palomino – The Woman
Emily Shen – The Little Mermaid
Tegan Wood – If You Leave
Sue Ellen Zhang – Joy


Adult Categories

The juror for the Photography show was Brian Leary. The Arts Council would like to give a special thank you to Gena Reebs who has volunteered her time to be the Photography Exhibition lead coordination.

1st Place – Diana Scheel
2nd Place – Patricia Schnepf
3rd Place- Dennis Quinn
Honorable Mention – Leia Smith
Honorable Mention – Keith Johnson
Honorable Mention – Bill Devlin

2D & 3D
The Juror for the 2D & 3D show was Eva Isaksen. The Arts Council would like to give a special thank you to Nicole Burdsall who has volunteered her time to be the Juried Art Exhibition coordination.

1st Place – Eli Lara
2nd Place – Jerry Steffen Jr.
3rd Place – Agnes Lee
Honorable Mention – Junkyu Lee
Honorable Mention – Mary Husby

1st Place – Rich Holst
2nd Place – Leslie Klahn
3rd Place – Leon White
Honorable Mention – Crystal Carman

Print Award – Donna Schill
Jurors Choice Award – Kristen Proctor
People’s Choice Award – Leon White – Lilac Treasures
People’s Choice Award – Tim Jensen – Smooch for a Pooch
People’s Choice Award – Lee Tenneboe – Spooky Hollow