Artists in Schools: FAQs

What are the Half-Year and Yearlong Grants? The Artists in Schools grant program for half-year grants follows a November application deadline with accepted projects being funded from January to June of the academic year. Please refer to the Art Directory on the main page for project ideas.

There is a separate funding cycle from our other Artists in Schools grants called The Yearlong Grants. The Yearlong projects are confirmed in June and span the academic calendar from September-June. This Yearlong Grant process is currently open by invitation.

Who can apply for the Artists in Schools program? Anyone (principals, librarians, parents, artists, volunteers, students, etc.) may complete the application! Classrooms or schools from Pre-K to 12th grade within the Shoreline Public School District are eligible to apply. Projects may be multi-disciplinary and in any art form. A classroom teacher must be listed as the primary contact or “Staff Project Leader” and sign the application.

Do I have time to complete this application? How detailed do I/we have to be for the application questions?  We realize the grant application process can be daunting. We know, because we apply for grants all the time as a non-profit too. We don’t expect a full-page answer for every narrative question listed on the application. Don’t spend too much time, keep it simple and you can even use bullet points instead of complete sentences. We want this to be an easy and straightforward process for the writer(s).

What is the Art Directory?  This document is a resource developed by the Arts Council to assist in the application process. It lists an Artist Roster of our teaching artists who are endorsed by the Arts Council, as well as artists’ bios and sample art projects or class outlines, also known at the Art Project Menus. It is available on the Arts Council website, as well as in hard copy by request.

Do I have to use the art projects listed in Art Directory?  You may choose to apply for one of the Art Projects or Menus as it is written in the directory, use it as a jumping off point to create a different project, or create a project all your own. Please be sure to contact the artist to make sure he/she is available. The artist’s signature is required on the application form.

How do I find an artist to apply with me? The Art Directory has a listing of available artists and sample project outlines & ideas. This guide may serve as a great first step in finding an artist partner.

Do I have to partner with an artist on the Arts Council’s roster? No, you do not have to partner with one of our rostered artists listed in the directory. We do ask if you are working with an artist not rostered with us, to submit the artist’s resume as part of the application materials.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?  If you have questions about any part of the application process or grant cycle, contact our Arts Education Manager at or 206-417-4645.