Artists in Schools

What is the Artists in Schools (AiS) program?

AiS is an Arts Education program, funded by the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council, that places professional teaching artists into classrooms of Pre-Kindergarten- 12th graders in the Shoreline School District.

How can my children/students benefit from AiS?

The goal is to enhance arts education experiences, led by professional teaching artists, in tandem with general or blended classroom curricula. Your children/students will directly engage with a professional artist through problem-solving and exploration in the areas of visual arts, music, literature, theatrical arts, and conversations around art ideas to bolster their knowledge and arts proficiency.

How can I get Teaching Artist in my child’s/students’ classroom?

We have an Art Directory for you to peruse. This listing serves as a menu of Teaching Artists and their specific programs/curricula they offer. You, teachers and school staff can contact the artists directly to discuss the types of projects that are right for your children/students. Or, you can always contact Arts Council staff to assist you.



The Spring Semester Grant application cycle is now closed.

Grant application information:

Grant projects should take place during the school year.  Projects may be repeated from past grant cycles or you may pursue a new project altogether. Please refer to the Art Directory document listed below for project ideas.


Application Checklist

  • The application form is included in this packet.
  • All applications must be computer-generated or typed using no smaller than 10-point type.
  • Applications must be signed by a principal or administrator and by your partnering artist.
  • If your project artist is not listed on the Arts Council’s Artists Roster, please attach his/her resume to this application. The complete roster is listed in our Art Directory on our website and linked below.


Project Expectations

  • Planning with artist (& students, if applicable) (Artist MUST be included in the project design phase.)
  • Provision of appropriate space
  • Implementation (teacher must remain in the classroom with the artist at all times.)
  • Sharing with the community, such as a culminating event, exhibit, school newsletter article, etc.
  • Evaluation & Documentation (Required: student reflections and 3-5 digital photos)


Criteria/Funding Considerations

  • Artistic excellence in any art form: visual, drama, dance, music, literary, media
  • Well planned project design in collaboration with the artist
  • Student learning: arts vocabulary, skills, production, knowledge, history
  • Integration with another curricular area
  • Number of students impacted
  • Realistic budget with correct numbers and clarity of which source is being asked for funding



  • Please use the Excel document called “Budget Worksheet” added with this application packet.
  • The suggested pay rate for artists is $50 per hour for student contact time and $20 per hour for project prep time. For an artist’s prep time, we typically use the following formula for calculating this time: # of student contact hours x 0.60 = Prep Hours (approximately 40 minutes of prep time for every one-hour of student contact). For questions about the total artist hours of class and planning time or if additional planning time may be needed throughout the project, contact the Arts Education Manager at
  • Funds for materials fees may also be requested, although we encourage you to look to your PTA/PTSA for additional funding of materials to help us stretch our funding dollars. We encourage you to seek multiple funding sources and to request in-kind donations when applicable.
  • Income must equal expenses – this is not a fundraising project.
  • The Arts Council will contract directly with the artists.


For questions and submission of application, contact:

Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council, Arts Education Manager

Silvia Romero Cavin


Use school district inter-office mail, or deliver to:

Shoreline Center, Arts Council Office

18560 First Avenue N.E. Shoreline, WA  98155


View Grant Application Here!

View Budget Worksheet Here.




Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council Announces 

The 2018 Artists in Schools Grant Recipients!

With the new year in full swing, the Arts Council is pleased to announce their Spring 2018 Artists in Schools grant recipients with awards given to support Pre-K through 12th grade projects in the Shoreline School District. These projects feature professional artists working with students and teachers and take place during the academic year, with most being scheduled for late winter and spring.

Artists in Schools has provided quality Arts Education throughout the district since 1993. A majority of the funding for this project is made possible through the Arts Council’s annual Gala for the Arts, with additional support from regional grants, local and country government,  and the community.

So far this year, the Arts Council has funded over $12,000 in Artists in Schools grants with 17 projects reaching thousands of students in 10 schools and programs. Meanwhile, ongoing projects fueled by the 2017-2018 Year Long program, totaling $14,000 in grants disbursed, continue to engage and serve an additional 1,800 students.


2018 Artists in Schools Grant Recipients

Brookside Elementary

Habitat – Kristin Vincini, Lead Teacher and Ruth McRee, Artist ($310)


Cascade K-8 Community School

Cascade Alebrijes – Fergus Temporada, Lead Teacher and Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys, Artist ($1,200)


Echo Lake Elementary

Art of Experiencing the Past Through Writing Historical Fiction – Allison Bowhay, Lead Teacher and Christine Pinto, Artist ($985)


Highland Terrace Elementary

No Boundaries – Jeanine O’Connell, Teacher and Alan King, Artist ($336)


Meridian Park Elementary

Art 101 – Donna Ahron, Lead Teacher and Lisa Palmatier, Artist ($350)

Kinder Drama – Donna Ahron, Lead Teacher and Melani Lyons, Artist ($740)

Mindfulness Mats Denise Peters, Lead Teacher and Elsa Bouman, Artist ($550)

No Boundaries – Jean Phelan, Lead Teacher and Alan King, Artist ($476)


Parkwood Elementary

No Boundaries –Dustin Cole, Lead Teacher and Alan King, Artist ($354)

Shakespeare in the Classroom– Megan Chamberlin, Lead Teacher, Samara Lerman, Artist ($782)


Ridgecrest Elementary

Fractured Fairy TalesMary Rae, Lead Teacher and Christine Pinto, Artist ($248)

Writer Doodle – Kelli Carlson, Lead Teacher and Christine Pinto, Artist ($310)

Heart and Place– Andrea Early, Lead Teacher, Laura Dean, Artist ($1,356)


Syre Elementary

String Technique – Mariko Lane, Lead Teacher and Stephanie Hellekson, Artist ($840)


Einstein Middle School

The Sum of Me –  Deanna Baldi, Lead Teacher and Amy Pleasant, Artist ($1,595)


Shorecrest High School

Rhythms of Cuba – Siri Hulbert, Lead Teacher and Laura Dean, Artist ($316)

Handmade Image and Photography – Laura King, Lead Teacher and Pat Doyen, Artist ($1,220)




The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate creativity and inspire our community through the Arts.