October 5, 2019
7pm - Artwork Viewing/Entertainment

8:15pm- Purchasing Frenzy!
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6X6NW is a unique community-based art exhibition.  The show will feature over 700 works of art, all sized 6 x 6 inches.


This evening event will include drinks, music, and hundreds of 6 x 6-inch artworks by artists from across the country, on sale for just $36 each. If you see something you like, you better act fast because once the buying begins, eager art collectors will be welcome to pull their purchases right off the walls! 

Different Drummer will be performing at 6X6NW this year!




Saturday, October 5, 2019,
Shoreline Community College - Student Union Building
16101 Greenwood Ave N, Bldg. 9000
Shoreline, WA 98133
Purchase Tickets online ($10 each)

Interested in including your 6"x 6" artwork(s) in 6X6NW?  Check out the Prospectus.
Registration and participation is open to all — no art background is required.


VOLUNTEER SIGN UP: We need help with set-up & during the event

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6x6nw Artist Spotlight
Zaydelis Redondo | 6x6nw artist

How did you find out about the 6X6NW exhibit?
I saw the call for artists for the 6x6NW Exhibit in one of the newsletter emails from the Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Council. I have had the privilege to participate in this event in the last two years, and it was really exciting when I saw that it was coming up again!

What inspires you to participate?
Participating in this exhibition is a great opportunity to expose my work and inspiration alongside many beautiful pieces from other great artists. The idea of supporting a community-driven arts program with a little something of my own it feels so great!

What do you think about the 6 inch by 6 inch format? Do you like working with this size?
As an abstract and mixed media artist this format it's a little bit challenging and, at the same time very exciting! I'm always wondering how I would express my self in such small working space, but once the creativity and imagination take over, I just keep going until I feel I have the perfect pieces for this event.

Tell us about your work and subject matter. 
I'm always inspired by my surroundings and experiences, my goals is to deliver a diverse energy through an explosion of creativity and emotions.  Trying to think outside the box, I use different kinds of techniques with vibrant acrylic colors and materials creating interesting compositions that help me create a unique piece of art.

Nancy adamson | 6x6nw artist

How did you find out about the 6X6NW exhibit?
Three years ago as part of my Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council membership, I received tickets to the 6x6NW event. Went to that year’s event and was intrigued by the art I saw and the atmosphere. The next year I submitted my own art.

What inspires you to participate?
Using my art to help further a cause is appealing to me. I also like the inclusion of any artist not limited by their age, subject matter or media other than format size. And the event is fun and a wonderful way see the art of others!

What do you think about the 6 inch by 6 inch format? Do you like working with this size?
I like the 6x6 format. While I have created larger art pieces, my inclination is always toward a range of smaller formats including the 6x6 size. And now from a practical standpoint, a smaller format works so much better in my art studio which happens to be my dining room.

Tell us about your work and subject matter. 
My background until a couple of years ago was in watercolor and acrylic media. Then I discovered digital photography and digital painting. Now my choice of media is dependent on what I am trying to create. My subject is always inspired by nature - flowers, landscapes, birds, etc.. I work with color, form and usually an image based on one of my photos. And my goal is to create the unexpected image.

Brandi young | 6x6nw artist

How did you find out about the 6X6NW exhibit?
I saw a call for artists on the Shoreline Area Newsfeed on Facebook. Once I read the details I thought it sounded like a neat event.

What inspires you to participate?
I was looking for something interesting to try next when I saw the 6x6NW call for artists. The idea of doing something at a specific size was a fun challenge. And it made it even better that sales go toward a really good cause!

What do you think about the 6 inch by 6 inch format? Do you like working with this size?
I liked working with the 6 x 6 size! Sometimes it is fun to have a constraint of some kind. It inspires creativity by making you think in a different way.

Tell us about your work and subject matter. 
I decided to do mixed media because I wanted to work with mixing inkjet photo transfer and acrylic paints. I also love layering color, texture, images, and random found items so I chose to bring in details with color pencils, ink, and objects I have collected. For the base of each piece, I used a combination of old family photos and ones I had recently taken.

Thank you to our event sponsors!